Bikini Abs

OK, nowhere does it say you should have washboard abs, but if you want to tone up your midsection to jazz up your physique, here are some basic abs workouts to try.

Exercise Ball Crunch

If you don’t already have one of these wonderfully fun and versatile exercise balls, you’;re going to have to get one and see what you’ve been missing. Since you have to work to keep the ball stable, you engage more of your core while using it. Plus it makes for a great chair.

Lie down with the ball under your lower back. Plant your feet about hip width apart and either cross your arms over your chest or behind your head. Keeping the ball stable, contract and curl your torso up while moving your ribcage down. Slowly lower back down to complete one rep.
Vertical Leg Crunch

Another effective ab workout is a crunch involving the legs. This move helps to target both your abs and your obliques.

Lie down with your legs extended vertically and bent at the knees. With your hands under your head or across your chest, contract your abs as you roll your shoulder blades up off the floor, then slowly lower back down.

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