Know Your Real Size

Many women have this vain misconception that they should suck in every bit of air they have in order to “fit” into the smallest size possible.  If a woman tells you that she is a size 6, it is often likely that she is actually an 8.  What these women do not realize is that too-tight clothing, including intimates and swimwear, can make even the thinnest body look like it has extra fat.  When something fits too tightly, especially in the case of pants or bikini bottoms, it cuts into the skin causing what is commonly known as “muffin top” when skin hangs over the top of a garment.  While you may be worried about revealing your actual size, you will look much better in a garment that fits.  A size 8 woman in a well-fitting garment is always more attractive that a smaller woman trying to squeeze into a size that does not properly fit.

It is very simple to test the fit of a garment.  For example, in a perfect fitting bikini bottom, the sides will lay smoothly against the skin.  Anything that is too tight will cut into the skin and create an unflattering look.  While you may need to increase your size, your confidence level will be raised as well.

Yellow Bikini

Gray Stripe Bikini

Shown at left, the wearer of this yellow bikini has a fairly nice body, but the bottom is cutting into her and causing a bit of “muffin top”. The gray stripe bikini to the right sits perfectly on top of the skin for a much more flattering fit.

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