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Puckered Stitching Adds Backside Definition

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Bikini Fitting Advice

Puckered stitching is a hot, new trend seen more and more these days.  Often called a “scrunch” bikini, it gets its name from placement of strategic puckered stitching which can enhance particular areas by creating more dramatic curves.  For example, in the bikini seen above the puckered stitch down the backside of the bikini bottom helps the fabric to nicely hug her natural curves.  The contour detailing gives the appearance of lift and definition to the rear while the high-cut back show off your sexy cheeks, too.

With a bikini bottom that fits this closely, take extra care to follow sizing instructions from the designer.  Improper fit can ruin even the best bikini designs!  Too big, and it will slide around on you.  Too small, and it will pinch into you creating unsightly little bulges.  Ensuring the fabric lays nicely flat against your skin will help alleviate both of these pesky problems.

Pucker Up!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Most of us are pretty familiar with the drooping bikini bottom.  It happens.  It's almost inevitable.  Bikinis start to lose their elasticity, get stretched out and the next thing you know, your bottoms are hanging off you when you step out from the water.  There's the awkward adjusting and hope that no one saw anything but we get over it and move on.  If you're tired of having this happen you'll be happy to hear someone finally did something about it.  The pucker bikini (also called the ruched bikini or scrunchie bikini or pucker butt bikini or any variation of those terms) features a distinct puckered stitching down the back.  The extra material has been gathered up and stitched together so that there's no extra fabric to hang down.  It also helps to give your butt a some shape by showing off your curves.  The pucker bikini is one of the newest trends to hit the beach so if you're tired to having to fix your bikini all the time, you should definitely give this pucker style a try.

Slim and Trim In a Ruched Bottom

Monday, June 14th, 2010

If you haven't yet discovered the wonders of ruching, you've been missing out on a design technique that works small miracles.  Ruching is the gathered effect that results from bunching up and stitching together fabric.  It kind of looks like the clothing has been hiked up and you want to pull it down to smooth out the bumps and wrinkles.  What the gathering does, however, is create a texture that hides any lumps or bulges of your own. Ruching, in fact, if extremely forgiving. Think about it, if you have a smooth bikini bottom, that body hugging fabric is just going to accent any concerns you might have. So if you're concerned about looking as svelte as a bikini model, try on a bottom that has a ruched effect.  This wide width of fabric on the bottom show here also helps too – it hugs your hips to help flatter your figure while also offering more coverage.

Know Your Real Size

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Many women have this vain misconception that they should suck in every bit of air they have in order to “fit” into the smallest size possible.  If a woman tells you that she is a size 6, it is often likely that she is actually an 8.  What these women do not realize is that too-tight clothing, including intimates and swimwear, can make even the thinnest body look like it has extra fat.  When something fits too tightly, especially in the case of pants or bikini bottoms, it cuts into the skin causing what is commonly known as “muffin top” when skin hangs over the top of a garment.  While you may be worried about revealing your actual size, you will look much better in a garment that fits.  A size 8 woman in a well-fitting garment is always more attractive that a smaller woman trying to squeeze into a size that does not properly fit.

It is very simple to test the fit of a garment.  For example, in a perfect fitting bikini bottom, the sides will lay smoothly against the skin.  Anything that is too tight will cut into the skin and create an unflattering look.  While you may need to increase your size, your confidence level will be raised as well.

Yellow Bikini

Gray Stripe Bikini

Shown at left, the wearer of this yellow bikini has a fairly nice body, but the bottom is cutting into her and causing a bit of “muffin top”. The gray stripe bikini to the right sits perfectly on top of the skin for a much more flattering fit.