Keep the Lace For the Bedroom

We all want to look sexy in our bikinis.  However, some women seem to think that means wearing a bikini that looks as close to lingerie as possible.  Yes, your lacy bra and panty set in unbelievably sexy.  This does not mean you should wear it to the beach.  You should always remember that lace is for the bed and lycra is for the beach.  The way to add sex appeal in a bikini is with the cut.  Brazilian cut bottoms are extremely hot right now.  From Europe to the U.S., the world has finally discovered what Brazil has known for a very long time.  Bottoms that are cut in this fashion actually make the butt more flattering, often giving the illusion of a round, sexy shape.  In proper swimwear material such as a shimmering lycra, this revealing cut is sexy, without being mistaken for those Valentine panties you have in the top drawer.

In the way of tops, you may feel that the average bikini top is rather bland, and this is why you opt for lace.  There are so many forms of embellishment that are much more exciting without that lingerie appearance.  Imagine an adorable halter style top with swarovski embellished hardware.  This will give you plenty of glamour without looking like you crawled from the bed to the beach.

Though the model at left certainly has a beautiful body, the tropical background is the only clue given that this is meant to be a bikini, and not lingerie. The model at right, however has a bikini featuring not only a sexier cut but shimmering red fabric adorned with an anchor detail drenched in sparkling crystals. This bikini is beach appropriate and even sexier than the lingerie attempt.

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