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Fight Gravity in a Shape Enhancing Top

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I think we can all agree that one of the main purposes of wearing  a bikini is to show off that fabulous chest.  However, a flimsy triangle top is not the best fit for every pair.  No matter what your age, a sagging bosom is never attractive.  Women with larger chests often need a bit more support, unless of course they have been surgically altered.  This is not to say that a D-cup can't look good in a triangle top, because there are many that do.  The goal is to find a top that will offer the correct shape and support, regardless of the style.  Sweetheart halter tops are especially flattering for women with larger breasts.  They are cut low to provide plenty of cleavage, but have a wider halter that is sure to give the right support.  On the other end, bandeau tops are probably the least flattering style for this body type, as there are no strings or straps to offer any kind of support.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was seen on the left wearing this black bandeau top.  She is a very beautiful girl and in reality, has quite an attractive chest. Unfortunately, this top flattens and pulls, creating a very unflattering look.  The model at right has a similar sized chest, but wears a stunning sweetheart top in brilliant blue. The neckline accentuates her chest, while the wide halter gives her support.