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Puckered Stitching Adds Backside Definition

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Bikini Fitting Advice

Puckered stitching is a hot, new trend seen more and more these days.  Often called a “scrunch” bikini, it gets its name from placement of strategic puckered stitching which can enhance particular areas by creating more dramatic curves.  For example, in the bikini seen above the puckered stitch down the backside of the bikini bottom helps the fabric to nicely hug her natural curves.  The contour detailing gives the appearance of lift and definition to the rear while the high-cut back show off your sexy cheeks, too.

With a bikini bottom that fits this closely, take extra care to follow sizing instructions from the designer.  Improper fit can ruin even the best bikini designs!  Too big, and it will slide around on you.  Too small, and it will pinch into you creating unsightly little bulges.  Ensuring the fabric lays nicely flat against your skin will help alleviate both of these pesky problems.

Best Top For Bigger Busts

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

If you happen to be endowed with larger assets on top, finding a bikini that looks good and fits well can be quite the endeavor.  For larger busts, wearing a simple triangle top can be tricky.  The thin straps just don’t cut it when it comes to holding you up.  In fact, they’re likely to just cut into your skin and make your shoulders uncomfortable the entire time you’re wearing it.  Also the cups themselves are sometimes questionable and you’re left worrying if you’re going to risk yourself to accidental exposure.  For the ladies out there who know exactly what I’m referring to, consider the Sweetheart Top.  First off, it’s obvious that this style offers a lot more coverage.  More coverage means more fabric, and more fabric means more support.  The straps on this style are wider which also adds to the overall support of this top.  Second, all this glorious coverage and support is designed in a way that’s actually cute and stylish.  That big crystal ring in the center is light years away from looking frumpy.  Yes ladies, hot bikinis for your body type do exist so grab them up and have some fun at the beach!