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Mix and Match Your Bikini!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Every bikini lover’s worst dream is to show up to the beach and see three other women wandering around in the exact same bikini.  Who wants to be just “one of the crowd” after spending the time to pick out the perfect bikini?  There are a few different ways to make sure your bikini is unique, but one of the simplest is to mix and match pieces.  By selecting a top and bottom in different colors, or a coordinating pattern and color, it allows you to create a look that is all your own.  To draw attention to the upper half, try a bright color or a top that works to enhance curves such as a Sweetheart top for larger busts, or an Enhanced Cut Triangle top for smaller busts.  If you want to accentuate your hips and rear, a low-rise bottom in a bright color or pattern will go a long way in drawing attention where you want it.  By playing around with colors, patterns and different cuts, the possibilities are nearly endless.  Don’t be afraid to buy bikini pieces individually to get the best and most unique look for you!

Mix and Match Bikinis


How to Avoid Looking Cold

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Sometimes, when you're in a wet bikini, a breeze may come along and whip your nips to a point. If you hate it when this happens and turn red from the pointing, there are suits designed to help avoid the embarrassment.

The first line of defense is simply a lined suit. This can be a liner like what you'd find in a dress or jacket and works the same way. Or it can be a double-sided or reversible suit with another layer of swimsuit fabric. Simply looking for a swimsuit with an extra layer of material will help provide a bit of a shield.

Another suggestion is to find a suit with some padding. It works the same magic that a padded bra does and helps to maintain a smooth look. Some suits are lightly lined while others have some push-up padding. How much you want is up to you.

If you don't like the extra heft that comes with a padded bikini, wearing a print is also a great option. A busy pattern helps to camouflage any unwanted pointing. Darker colors are also helpful as well.

Add some shine!

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

If you want to wear a bikini that stands out but don't want to go for all the obvious embellishments suggested in the previous post, there are still other options! Metallic bikinis are becoming popular styles on the beach and it's clear to see why. These metallic styles pack some serious shine and attract attention in a more subtle way. You can stick to wearing a simple style like a string bikini but forgo the textured trims and accents – lots of style without the fuss and muss.

If you want an even shinier look, there are hologram bikinis. The fabric on these create a super glossy, lacquered look that really shines in the sunlight. If you want to go for a mega-shine look, check out a hologram bikini.

Embellish a little!

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Have some fun with your bikini! Put away your basic bikini and try a new look, one with more flair and fun to it. Many bikinis now have delightful embellishments, trims and adornments that really capture everyone's attention. Some have sparkling details like rhinestones and sequins, others have wooden trims or metal decor. These little accents add so much more style and personality to a suit that you really can't go wrong wearing one.

Some suits like this red triangle top bikini have patterns made by different color beads. Sure they could have just used thread to make the pattern, but aren't the beads just so much better?

If you have a sparkling personality and want a bikini to match, consider a bikini with sequins. Some have a few here and there, while others have them all over.

Instead of a bikini made completely out of fabric, opt for something with fun trims like braided ties or funky connectors made out of wood, metal, crystal, bamboo, etc.

There are so many more styles of embellished bikinis out there and hopefully this generate some inspiration to find something unique. Have fun shopping!

Bikini Care Tips

Monday, August 9th, 2010

You can try on dozens of different bikinis before you finally find the perfect one. It's the right color, the fit is amazing and the thing just makes you look good. Now that you've finally found the best bikini ever, it's time to take care of it so that it can last for as long as you need it to.

There are two things you need to know about bikinis: they don't like chemicals and they don't like heat. Continued exposure to these two things will speed up how quickly your bikini wears out. With this in mind, rinse out your bikini whenever you can. Many public beaches have outdoors showers that let you rinse off sand and saltwater. Simply rinsing off the saltwater or chlorine can do wonders in extending the life of your suit.

When you do change out of your bikini and it's still wet, don't wrap it up in a towel. The moisture from the suit will get trapped in the towel and generate heat which can degrade the elastics in the fabric. It's always best to let your bikini air dry. Never put it in a dryer.

To clean your bikini, don't even think about putting it in the washing machine, not even in a lingerie bag on the Delicate cycle. Always wash by hand with mild soap and warm water. Again, hang it up to dry.

Most women are familiar with the fuzz that starts to build up on the butt. This happens when you sit on the edge of the pool or on the steps. The rough surface snags onto the fabric and, over time, fuzz starts to show on your suit. To prevent that from happening to your favorite bikini, try sitting on a towel instead.

Bikini Cover-Ups

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

While shorts and a tank top will always be an option to wear to the beach, there are other styles to wear as cover-ups. Sheer over-sized shirts and dresses are great styles to wear to the beach because of the sexiness that comes with the see-through material. It's a way to stay covered and shaded from the sun but still be able to show off your figure and your suit underneath. These billowy styles flow beautifully in the breeze, are easy to put on and slip off and look great on everyone.

If you just want to cover up on the bottom, there are wraps you can wear as well. The original style is called the sarong and is like a flat bedsheet that you tie around your waist. These floor-length cotton clothes are very simplistic and come in a wide array of colors and prints. There are a number of ways you can tie up a sarong including a halter dress option if you like. There are also shorter lengths if you prefer and even sheer styles for you to consider. They're extremely versatile and can be worn by any woman of any size or shape.

Pucker Up!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Most of us are pretty familiar with the drooping bikini bottom.  It happens.  It's almost inevitable.  Bikinis start to lose their elasticity, get stretched out and the next thing you know, your bottoms are hanging off you when you step out from the water.  There's the awkward adjusting and hope that no one saw anything but we get over it and move on.  If you're tired of having this happen you'll be happy to hear someone finally did something about it.  The pucker bikini (also called the ruched bikini or scrunchie bikini or pucker butt bikini or any variation of those terms) features a distinct puckered stitching down the back.  The extra material has been gathered up and stitched together so that there's no extra fabric to hang down.  It also helps to give your butt a some shape by showing off your curves.  The pucker bikini is one of the newest trends to hit the beach so if you're tired to having to fix your bikini all the time, you should definitely give this pucker style a try.

Get Cheeky in a Brazilian

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

If you love bikinis and want to take the next step towards sporting a sexier style, you have to check out the Brazilian.  The average bikini bottom covers everything – full coverage in the front, full coverage in the back.  The Brazilian style plays by its own rules and show off more skin.  More specifically, it shows off more of your butt.  This low-rise style still has plenty of coverage in the front, but in the back, the side have been skimmed down a bit to allow you to show off some more cheeky.  It's a sexy, flirty look that manages to still stay modest but it definitely ups the ante.  Many women (especially those in Brazil) are proving this style to be popular so if you're feeling up to it, hop on the bandwagon.

Spice it up!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and the same definitely holds true for bikinis.  Who said you had to wear the same basic black or blue bikini, and who said you had the wear the same top with the same bottom??  Don't be afraid to add a splash of color to your bikini collection – the beach is a place to stand out and there's no better way to attract attention to yourself than in a bright and colorful bikini.  Not to say that having a simple black or white bikini is boring, but don't be shy to mix it up a little.  And if you want to take it a step further, mix and match tops and bottoms.  Wear a black bottom with a bold graphic print or white bottoms with a multicolored striped top.  There aren't any rules against switching up your tops and bottoms, but as a general rule of thumb, don't mix prints.

Bust Enhancing Bandeaus

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Ladies who like to wear push-up bras know that the bikini top version isn't the greatest thing to wear at the beach.  Once it gets wet the padding can look kind of weird and maybe even a little bumpy and lumpy.  So if you happen to be the small chested type, the best bikini top for you, sans padding, is the strapless bandeau.  Since there are no neck ties to this style, it's best suited for women with smaller cup sizes simply because gravity will not be working against you.  You won't have to keep tugging at this top to get it to stay in place.  The wide band of the bandeau emphasizes your chest and adds some definition.  If you can find a bandeau with a print on it, even better because graphics and patterns help to enhance your chest even more.