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Bust Enhancing Bandeaus

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Ladies who like to wear push-up bras know that the bikini top version isn't the greatest thing to wear at the beach.  Once it gets wet the padding can look kind of weird and maybe even a little bumpy and lumpy.  So if you happen to be the small chested type, the best bikini top for you, sans padding, is the strapless bandeau.  Since there are no neck ties to this style, it's best suited for women with smaller cup sizes simply because gravity will not be working against you.  You won't have to keep tugging at this top to get it to stay in place.  The wide band of the bandeau emphasizes your chest and adds some definition.  If you can find a bandeau with a print on it, even better because graphics and patterns help to enhance your chest even more.