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Accessorize Your Bikini the Right Way

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Like any other fashion ensemble, we all want to accessorize our bikinis.  However, accessorizing does not mean strolling the beach in 5 inch heels and over the top jewelry that would make Harry Winston jealous.  Depending on the style of bikini, you may want to wear a simple necklace or bracelet.  Forget anything that could be destroyed by water, such as a watch or leather accent.  Cute sunglasses always look great but in the sand, flat, open toe shoes are really the only appropriate option.

There are some instances when it is acceptable to dress it up a little.  If you happen to be attending a swanky pool party where you will be walking primarily on a hard surface, fancy heels are perfectly acceptable and incredibly sexy.  This type of event is more for the purpose of showing off than swimming.  It is also fine to choose a sparkling necklace, which will draw attention to that fabulous cleavage displayed in your triangle top.    Keep in mind, however that this is the only time that evening shoes and jewelry should be combined with swimwear.  False eyelashes and Jimmy Choo sandals at your local beach will be uncomfortable and ridiculous looking.

As you can see, the model at left is immersed in water and wears a lovely, but practical shell necklace. It coordinates with her bikini, but is simple and will not be harmed by the water.  Though the model at right wears an elaborate black pearl necklace, she appears to be attending an upscale pool party, in which case her accessories are perfectly acceptable.