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Beware of the Tan Line

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The issue of tan lines seems to be an age old discussion.  Some can actually look cute, while others look completely ridiculous.  If you do not wish to give the impression that you lie around naked all the time, a thin line of a triangle top can actually look quite flattering.  Under a tank top, it shows the beautiful bronze that you worked on while still showing that you have a sense of propriety.  For others, there is certainly nothing wrong with perfectly even color.  For swimsuit or lingerie models, it often expected.  Either one of these tanning options are acceptable, but it is when you start tanning in a variety of swimsuits that things can get a bit crazy.

I really cannot begin to imagine what garment could have caused the look on the left, but if you find yourself with tan lines like this, you need to head for a spray tan fix ASAP. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez looks positively adorable with a very slight line at her exposed shoulder. It shows that she may have been enjoying some relaxing pool time earlier, but she doesn't look like she was attacked with a white marker. Follow these examples for tan lines, and you will remain sexy from the beach to the club.